Hold Breath, Drink Water = Proof for EVOLUTION???

Sometimes I am amazed at the questions I get from students in my creation class at church. I'm even more flabbergasted at some of the examples of pure insanity that I hear about being taught in public schools to children to promote evolution.

Last Sunday I was informed by a parent of a junior high student that her child was in science class and the teacher wanted to conduct an experiment. The teacher gave each student a glass of water. She then instructed them to hold their breath as long as they could and then without breathing, drink the glass of water. Each student did as they were instructed without issue. The teacher then proudly proclaimed that the reason they were able to hold their breath and still drink the water was because we are all evolved from fish!

I had never heard of such a teaching method before and at first didn't know how to respond.

Drawing from my own experience on this I have since formulated an argument. I wish some of these teachers would attend my class.

I spent time in the Infantry and while in Baumholder, Germany, my platoon Sgt. signed us up for some water training with an Army dive instructor. We learned some SERE techniques and other useful combat information when dealing with a water environment during that week. One thing I distinctly remember was the lecture we got on drowning. First off, its basically impossible for the normal person to hold their breath long enough to pass out when not under water. The impulse/reflex to begin normal breathing gets too intense as oxygen in the blood gets used up and carbon dioxide builds up.

You can train yourself to hold your breath long enough to pass out but when that happens, reflex takes over and you will begin breathing again.

It was obvious none of these kids in the class did this and when they began to feel the stress to begin breathing again, they drank the water. No big deal.

Let's see that same teacher hold these kids under water for 30 seconds longer and see if they can drink a glass of water then? I don't think so. The result will be a desperate gasp for air that will result in the inhalation of water.

It's very sad the instruction that some teachers are using to teach evolution in our schools. This particular teacher is going to have a lot to answer for one day when she stands before the Lord. How many children will go through her class and turn from the Bible based on their new belief in evolution?

I mentioned that I had never heard this argument for evolution before as it was presented to these students. I did a quick google search and found another equally insane argument about water and hiccups as proof of evolution. Have fun with this one.

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Comment by Tony Breeden on May 15, 2010 at 9:30pm
That wasn't a pure trick of rhetoric or anything, right? It's blatant indoctrination.

Rev Tony Breeden

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