This question was posed to me when I, in an attempt to show the holes in my opponents argument, asked: "How do you account for logic?" I explained that logic is a reflection of how God thinks. In her response, she replies, "How does one obtain logic from a deity?" This question made me think. I wasn't asked to long ago, but I eventually came up with an answer, along with an analogy.

   The analogy is this; When someone builds a computer. They put some of their thought into it so that it works and can process things. You can see that when a computer is created, the intelligence of the man who created it, is reflected on how the well the computer works. The better the computer, the more thought was put into the computer, the more of its creator's intelligence is reflected.

   In the same way, when God created us. He wanted us to have dominion over all of Creation, so He put great intelligence in man. Giving us the ability to figure out problems*, create great inventions, etc., Though, because of the curse of Genesis 3 and the effects of sin, our minds weren't the way they were then, and they continue to get worse.

*I should point out that problems were not a problem before the fall. But people have a way of dealing with the unexpected. One great thing God "programmed" in us, knowing that the fall would happen.

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Comment by Gary Murray on June 30, 2017 at 8:11am

Three questions I typically ask the skeptic that may help...

1. Is it impossible for the God of the Bible to exist?

2. Is it impossible for the Bible to be what it claims to be?

3. Is it impossible for the God of the Bible to reveal things to his creation through special revelation that which they can be certain it is from him...

While I stress that I am not asking them to accept these three, I am asking them if it is impossible for any of them to be true... If they are intellectually honest their answer has to be 'NO... it isn't impossible' in that moment, they have conceded and given Christians an avenue to certainty.... special revelation from our Creator...

They will argue that isn't the case, however, they have granted us the possibility of certainty and an escape from circular reasoning.

The real question is how do THEY account for logic? Or mathematics, or knowledge in general... Scripture says 'The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge' and 'in Christ are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge'...

Without God how can we be certain or reason or be logical about anything if in fact HE is the source of all knowledge, reason and logic?

Without God, she has to borrow from our worldview, otherwise any conclusion she reaches using her reasoning is circular, because she has no standard for knowledge... what is true/false in her worldview? what is right/wrong in her worldview? What is Evil in her worldview? All of it is arbitrary... in a worldview without God who is the standard for morality, ethics, logic, knowledge and wisdom... every thought she has is just brain matter producing a chemical reaction... there is no right or wrong, no true or false, 2+2 doesn't always equal 4 because thoughts and reason is arbitrary... so to me 2+2 may equal BLUE... why? Because without God there is no source of wisdom or knowledge...

Its the presuppositional apologetic introduced by Greg Bahnsen... check out 

One more example.. in a worldview without God, there is no real good and evil... to the child rapist... its ok, to the mother, it isn't... but who is right and who is wrong and who says so? Society? Well, Hitler's society said it was ok to slaughter Jews... did that make it right if society gets to judge and discern right from wrong? Some will say "It hurts a child and I know what it is like to be hurt" well that tells us why they don't like it, but to a masochist pain is welcome, therefore it in't 'wrong' its just wrong to the individual...

2+2=4 because it is logic derived from the very nature of God... Mathematic is a law governing our universe, much like laws of physics, laws of logic and so on... They are universal, immaterial and unchanging... where do you get such a concept from a worldview such as a Big Bang and Evolution without God? 

We have those universal, immaterial, unchanging laws because a universal, immaterial,  unchanging creator placed them inside this universe as they are attributes and part of his nature. Bless the Lord I can go on and on and on...

Comment by Ken Funk on June 28, 2017 at 11:19am

Logic is by definition: the science of the formal principles of reasoning.  We have been told to "reason together" and to be "ready always to give a reason" to anyone who asks of the hope within us.  A reason for reasoning is to find truth so it logically follows that the one who is the way, truth and life would also be the author, creator, designer of logic.  It is truly amazing that he has blessed us with minds that can be logical and to come the the knowledge of the truth...while some are every learning and never able to come to that logical place.

Comment by Michael P Fox on March 2, 2017 at 12:05pm

Your description of how we get logic from example is probably the best (and least confrontational) way. In your description there is an inherent admission that the universe is governed by laws because there is a law giver. The fact the universe is mathematically intelligible is a difficult thing to reasonably explain from a purely materialistic perspective. The obvious next question is: how do we get logic from unguided natural processes?

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