How the bible contradicts young earth creationism, blah blah blah

I get these suggested videos from the everloving youtube and will get to the content in a moment.

The first thing is that we get into discussions inside the faith and it is noones business outside of it. There may be numerous interpretations and understandings of details and Jesus will somehow drag us through to eternal life anyhow and very likely we are all off orthodoxy, somewhere.

Onb the outside of the faith people delight in our disagreeements and will flatter anyone who is embarrassed for backward brothers and sisters or who embarrasses them. Starting to play to the seculars and what pleases them to hear is a slippery slope out of the faith.

I might not be a YEC, just a believer in that God Created and can not lie, but noone is backwards in trying to stick with gospel and torah. It is true wisdom and the only real basis for civilisation.

So I stumbled on this video, telling me that day could not be day, did god really say and so on... so look at how well Gods word fits if we just tweak here and a little there.

The best christians I know read their bible, read their bible and read their bible. Getting back to the text, reading in context and starting to recognize the voice and the mind behind it all helps sort out lots of interpretations. It also becomes easy to recognize christian and "christian" voices whose deeper understanding and world view is influenced or based on current and secular understanings and are interpreting the bible from them. Depending on whom one is listening to it might be easier or harder. The youtube video is not worth it. It does not argue from a biblical understanding of Gods word, while arguing as if that is from where it comes.

You will get praise, and "likes" that way, from the wrong sources. Hardly worth it.






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Comment by Lou Hamby on August 19, 2014 at 12:00pm


Comment by Carl Carlsson on August 19, 2014 at 11:33am

Hello Lou, hope things are well. It is pretty much a statement. "I do not see any point in trying to make other christians look bad to the seculars, they won't be around later, anyway"

Blogging away.

If you remove the "blah blah blah" and search for "How the bible contradicts young earth creationism" from, unfortunately the "christianity, reason and science" that has some good stuff as well, you will find it. Not recommended, therefore not linked.


Comment by Lou Hamby on August 19, 2014 at 9:42am

Where is the link?  What is your question, this is more of a statement?

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