Is It Common Sense That Humans and Animals Are Related?

I was reading some posts on a well-known web site that tries to fuse christian faith with Darwinian evolution.  I noticed a forum post that seems to typify the idea and the rationale that God somehow used the concept of evolution as a means of creation.  I extracted the key part of the post and I show it below along with my response afterwards.  Hopefully this will provide a coherent  answer to this common fallacy.

“There SHOULD not be any contention between Christianity and Darwin. The fact that human beings are related to other creatures is commonsense. Do we not test drugs for humans on animals? Sometimes we use medicines produced from other creatures. Thank God that we share a common physical and genetic continuity with other creatures.” (

This person is saying that there should not be any contention between Christianity and Darwin. Why? Because they said so? Shouldn’t we check first to see if Darwinism might be a failed scientific paradigm, which in fact it is. 

The idea that human beings are related to other animals via common descent is not common sense or good science - it's brainwashing by evolutionary technocrats.  Humans and other animals share physiological commonalities at various levels because they are designed to share similar environmental resources (food sources, water, etc.).  They are also stimulated by similar sensory cues that are both physical and chemical.  God creates the most optimal biochemistry and physiology for a type of organism which also share  commonalities across the spectrum of life because we all live on the same earth!

There are clear unbridgeable genetic boundaries between created kinds of plants and animals that cannot be crossed naturally.  God created each general kind or class of organism uniquely.  Commonalities in cell biology should be expected in a creation model of origins. Somehow evolutionists believe that God would not do this and many christians feel they have to capitulate to this type of errant reasoning. Who is really lacking the common sense on this issue?(original post at http://designed-dna/blog/)

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Comment by Steven Posey on May 13, 2012 at 7:27pm

I agree. You know how people used to think that rats and flies generated from garbage. Even though this idea is wrong, it was based on observation; rats and flies were seen coming out of trash piles (like chimps look more like humans than other animals). It was the same with salamanders. These secretive creatures were seen coming out of logs that were thrown on the fire so it was thought that rotten wood + fire = salamanders. Darwin made observations but one of his main conclusions (man evolved from "lesser life forms") was wrong. We know what we see, or do we? Maybe it is common to see one thing and think another. Well, now scientific evidence seems to be piling up on the side of "everything reproduces after its kind", just like the Bible says. 

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