The book Elements of Faith is a cross between Science book and Devotional book.  Since we don’t have many elementary Science texts in our house, I thought this might be a simple way to put a little Science into our day.

Each double-page spread of the book covers one element, with five sections.  The first section is a little bit of Data on the element, around five sentences.  The next section is called Analysis, and and contains some general information about the element and perhaps other similar elements, sometimes information about how the element interacts with other elements, sometimes historical information, and sometimes information on how the element is seen in the Bible.  The third section, called Reaction, is a devotional section drawing some connection between the element and a Bible story.  A fourth section is labeled Quiz, and contains five questions about the element.  Finally, the Response section is a prayer with perhaps some further application in some instances.

This book would be really easy for a reading student to complete on their own in 15-30 minutes per day depending on how fast they read, or you could divide the sections up between five days each week, and that would take about five minutes per day.  You could use this book as a jumping off point for further study for the older student, and several experiments are included in the back.  I see the book being useful as a basic exposure to the elements for the elementary student, so they have at least heard of each element before they study them further in chemistry class.  I was a little put off by the devotional section at first, since my children already do 30 minutes of Bible study each day, and 30 minutes of Scripture memorization each day so I am not really looking for more Bible material.  However, after reading through these I can see the benefit of drawing connections between Science and the Bible.  After all, I expect our History text to draw connections between history and the Bible, and with Science it is just as important to start and end with a biblical foundation.

My bottom line?  I am planning to use this as a basic Science introduction to the elements for my elementary aged reading students.  I will not be reading this material out loud to the younger children, since I just don’t have time to add more read alouds to my day.  I’m not sure I will buy the second volume, but I will decide that once I’ve used this with my children for a semester.

Disclaimer:  I received this book for free from New Leaf Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review on my blog.  Here you have it.

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