I was born with Epilepsy, as an infant what goes on when small children at that age go into a seizure is no different than an infant playing on the floor in a mother’s eyes.

It took a couple of years for the conformation of my having epilepsy. Then as anyone who is just diagnosed with this illness, time to find a medicine (not sure about this age) and many visits to the Drs.

With my parents there dream of the oldest son is now shattered. I can no longer help them on the farm down the road. Also this illness has caused them to take more time away from the work on
the farm running me to the doctor and trips to
London to see my Doctor there.

During much of my childhood my Grandmother and Grandfather looked after me while my parents worked on the farm doing field work or around machinery. My parents grew soybeans, corn, oats, wheat and hay to field the livestock.

Came time to go to school I rode in a bus going just around the corner in the country to a one room schoolhouse. There was about 40 of us in the class with 2 or 3 sometimes 4 or 5 in each grade. The seating was all single seats 6 rows wide and 7 seats deep. The grade one’s and two’s sat on the teachers left and worked their way across the room. Many times I would end up in the teachers office resting on the couch when I had seizures at school. One time at school when I was in grade 2 I picked up the desk I was in and threw it across the room. This desk made of heavy steel and wood plus many books in side of it must have weighed 100 pounds or more. So I was told by other students in
the room at the time. I spent 4 ½ years in this one room school before they decided to close it and put us in a bigger school.

At my new school there are nearly 400 students from age 6 – 14 years plus kindergartens. The grade one’s and two’s where at the old 4 room school. With this many students I still didn’t
have many friends. Many of them kept away from me in fear something would happen if I had a seizure.

Come time for me to graduate I chose to go to the Blenheim High School so I could take wood-working like I did in Grade 7 and 8. But when I showed up, the first day of school I was called into the office. They then told me I wouldn’t be able to take
wood-working or anything else in the tech wing. I was told it was to dangerous and to risky if I had taken a seizure. I was very disappointed over this, why would they tell me no and yet I had no problems in public school. I enrolled in other classes just to fill in the gap. In grade nine I represented the class by being on the student council. I also wanted to play sports after school, but because I was unable to drive and my parents working on the farm I had no way of getting home. My parents would not stop working to come and get me.

I went to school in Blenheim for two and a half years. That is when the guidance counselor thought I should quit and find a job before the other students got out for the summer. Did it work? No. The employers said either I didn’t qualify or they didn’t need my help. I think some said they didn’t need me so they wouldn’t hurt my feelings about not hiring me cause of my epilepsy. They would pay big dollars on compensation and
there insurance would sky-rocket if I got hurt.

Rather than tell my parents I quit, I would still take the bus to school, but then go up town to the pool hall. This went on for two months before I got caught. Trying to explain this to my parents was tough.

From that moment on I would help them on the farm, greasing machinery, feeding the animals, milking the cows by hand, feeding the chickens and gathering the eggs. Sometimes I would do all the choirs while mother and father worked the field. On my parents farm they grew wheat, oats, corn, soybeans and hay. During the haying season I rode the wagon stacking the bales to take to the barn. When we first started into the haying season
we used a bale elevator to put up the first ten thousand bales. Then we would stack the bales on the wagon using slings, nine bales of hay and sixteen of straw. With the hay or straw that would be about a thousand pounds of weight.

During my school years I was allowed to go youth groups at the United Church in the village of Charing Cross. In the age group of 6 and 7 year old's we had we had Bible stories read to us and said a prayer. Then we would sit around a table and do small crafts. This group was for both girls and boys. Then as we entered the next age group up we split, the boys in one
group and the girls in another. In the boys group we read a few
scriptures, said a prayer then played floor hockey till it was time to go home.

As I became a teenager my parents joined a square dance club called “Kent Klodhoppers.” The adults formed one square the children another. Then the time came for everyone my age to
get their license, I was denied driving due to having Epilepsy.

In the late teens as most teenagers were out partying and having a grand ol time I had to stay home. I continued with the square dancing. Out in the country my nearest neighbour was 300 feet away to the edge of the property and no one cared to take me out with them to join in the partying. I then had to create my own pleasure; I played cards amongst family members, put jigsaw puzzles together, watched television and other little things.
Life was a bore when you know what everyone else is doing and you can’t join in. Life goes on and all I did was go to
Sunday School, church, square dancing and work on the farm.

When you know what other people are doing it’s like being in jail, but only in my own back yard. At one time in life I got fed up with the life on the farm so I packed my back pack and was going to leave home. I stopped to say good-bye to my Grandmother who lived only 50 feet away on the same farm,
but that was as far as I got. I stayed there for about 2 months before returning home. While there for me to earn my keep I had to help my Grandmother with the housework.

Back with my parents now, that is all I did year after year Take care of the animals, hoe the beans, help load the hay wagon and hoe the thistles out in the cow pasture. This is all I did
because there was not a single job for me due to my having epilepsy. I wasn’t able to drive which means I couldn’t go out and have a good time on my own, which means I couldn’t date a girl like the other boys my age did.

In 1985 I was fed up with my lifestyle, so I started to pray for deliverance. I told no one out there to pray for me to be delivered of this illness. My parents didn’t even pray for me. Due to being fed up with this illness and lifestyle I included in my prayers, “Lord Jesus, take this burden of Epilepsy away from me. I am useless with it. No one wants to hire me, my father won’t let me help to full capacity of what I want to do. I can’t go out and enjoy myself like other people my age. Take this burden from me now Lord I ask this in Jesus name.” I prayed this prayer everyday, month after month while waiting for my deliverance and never losing faith or letting disbelieve step in.

Also during this time I was fed up with being a shadow to my parents. I wanted to quit going out with them and to do so I had to hire and pay for a babysitter. Hard to believe a 27 year old had to have a babysitter.

As time moved on I continued to pray for deliverance of my epilepsy twice a day. This went on for nine months when my mother to pack my suitcase. I asked her for what reason, because I didn’t know what was going on. Then she explained to me that I was going to the hospital for surgery to stop my seizures. I went off to pack my suitcase to go to the University Hospital in London Ontario Canada. I was in the hospital for almost a week
having test after test done. There were many tests done just to find the location of the item in my head that was causing the epileptic seizures. Then the time came for me to have the operation,
9:30 AM I was wheeled down to the operating room. There they froze the part of my Brain where they had to operate. Then they cut the skin and peeled it back so they could take the piece out that was causing the problem. I was on the operating table looking up at 6 faces that were looking down on me. I think I asked them for the time every ten minutes, which seemed
like an hour to me. The operation was all done and over with and I was sewed back up in four hours. Then I was wheeled down to the recovery room for another 3 hours. I was then taken back to my room at about
4:30 and was told I would have 3 or 4 seizures by the time I was to go to sleep. NOTHING; I had no seizures at all. God had made it possible that the Doctors were wrong. I was also told that I would have about another 10 seizures within 24 hours of the operation, again I had nothing.

After 4 days of the operation I was sent home instead of the seven days that most patents wait for. Now after 4 days had passed by I believed I had an answer to prayer. The doctors still told me I would have many more seizures for up to 2 months. I still held to my believe, and thanked God for my answer to prayer.

On the farm things went on as before, my parents working the fields and planting crops, while my brothers and I took care of the animals. My brothers could have worked the land too except there was a limit to the tractors we had. Five weeks went by and I came down with the flu bug and with it I had a seizure. I still kept the faith that I will never have another

Life goes on as usual, the same ol, same ol for another 2 years. That’s when the decision came to allow me to be on my own, at least away from my family. I applied for disability so I
could have money to pay the bills and other necessities.

I was put into a group home to learn how to cook for myself as well as for a group of people. I stayed in there for about 9 months and then I moved into my own apartment. I was there for
about a year before I moved to Ridgetown near
Chatham) to go to the agriculture college. Because my parents kept me limited to what I could do on the farm, I wanted to learn more about farming and have my own farm. It never worked out, after a year and a half of college. Since going to college failed I just
hung out on the streets for a while till I found something else to do.

Shortly after returning to Chatham I met a lady at a friends house who I got to know a bit. A few months later we got married. Then within a year of doing that she left me for another man as well as everything I had. Good thing it was all second hand stuff, cause it was not worth much anyway.

After that I got myself a few paper routes to keep myself occupied and to make extra money. At one time I had 8 paper routes which kept me occupied 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. The
daily hours consisted of 4 hours delivery and 4 hours of collecting the pay.

Then I had a man whom I knew from the mall approached me. Said he had a word from God for me. The word was I was to go into business washing store front windows. I was shocked about that cause I wanted to get into the Lawn cutting business. Love the smell of the fresh cut grass and the outdoor air. He said that he had four customers that I could start with and that I could buy his equipment to get started. He used the money from these customers to buy Christmas gifts for his Children. He just got so busy with his main job he couldn’t do the other as well. I
told him, “If God is in it will flourish, if not it won’t.”

I took over these four customers and continued with my paper routes. Then after supper I went out into the business areas of the city and put out an advertisement in all the store fronts, a different area every night. I did this on a monthly basis for a few years. Over a 10 year period I built up the business from 4 customers to 120. As I made the same amount of money with the windows compared to the papers I dropped the routes one at a time. I managed to live on the window cleaning alone for a few
years, riding a three wheel bike around the city with jugs of water and my equipment.

In the Spring of 2007 I started to lose customers, rough time coming in. The beginning of the recession was on its way in, even though no one seen it coming at that time. I lost some
20 customers and then decided to open a consignment store where I could market my t-shirts and other items. Any excess space would be rented out to people with items they wanted to sell. To spend a sufficient amount of time in the store I had to drop many more customers.

During this time I had a woman who was suffering from schizophrenia come around me, a woman who I knew from other sources. She started stalking me, followed me job to job with my window cleaning and spent most of the time in my store. She thought she owned half of it, the way she hung around. After a
couple weeks of this I had a police bond put on her, so she would leave me alone. I could only do this with my store front cause with the window cleaning I had some 100 locations where I worked.

With the consignment store not working out and me still losing customers with the windows I decided to close the store in June of 07, shut down the window cleaning and move out of the city
to get away from this stalker. I figured if I moved to
London for her to find me if she followed would be like looking for a needle in a hay stack, London being so big.

I spent 15 months in London bored as all get out. I knew no one and no one would talk, just like Toronto or any other big city. I spoke to about a few people there but sometimes you would not see them again for two months cause the city is so big.

In October of 08 I decided to move back to Chatham and start over. This was also a test to see if the lady stalking me was in the history books. Since moving back she has left me alone, but I have not found much work either.

In the fall of 09 my Pastor spoke out in church with a prophesy, not sure if she knew who it was for or anyone else did. I did cause I had already started working on the project. With most of the windows now behind me it is time to move on as an inventor and author.

W. Summerfield

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