New Titles From New Leaf Publishing Group

Check out these new releases from New Leaf Publishing Group! These are great titles that fit various genres and speak to multiple audiences. They each contain biblical truth that will resonate with their intended audience:

The Summit: Faith Beyond Everest’s Death Zone
Climb in the footsteps of author and adventurer Eric Alexander as he guides individuals with disabilities to the most perilous places in the world and conquers what seems impossible! Be inspired to realize the “Everests” in your life and learn how the application of faith, trust, courage, and prayer can help you conquer them!
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Passport to the World: Your A to Z Guided Language Tour
Passport to the World is the most unique cultural learning experience for your child! Children will learn greetings from 26 different languages as they flip through the pages of this interactive, cultural scrapbook! Passport to the World is unlike any other learning experience.
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The Shadowed Mind:
The devastating legacy of science without compassion is finally brought to light in The Shadowed Mind, by a killer deciding who has the right to live and who needs to die. The second book in a fictional Christian suspense trilogy, The Shadowed Mind tackles the current issue of eugenics; applied science which advocates the use of practices aimed at improving the genetic composition of a population. While tracking down a cunning and terrifying killer, lead character Dinah Harris encounters individuals with various cases of shadowed minds. These individuals find themselves at the mercy of those who practice eugenics, methodically deciding whose life has value to society and whose does not.
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For more information about these titles visit or call 800-999-3777.

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