Political columnist Andrew Bolt on Wednesday wrote a very interesting article about the Global Atheists Convention which was held in Melbourne.

He begins by saying that he’s never felt more like believing in the Christian God after attending the convention. He goes on to say that if the Christian God really is dead, then there is nothing to stop people acting like barbarians.

The vitriol unleashed by the atheists at the conference beggars belief. The Christian senator, Steve Fielding, was described as being “dumber than an earthworm”. A journalist tweeted that the conservative Opposition health spokesman had “the face of a rapist”.

Andrew Bolt finishes by asking why morally superior atheists insist on vilifying Christians, and that if this is what happens when God is taken out of the equation, then we should bring God back.

The irony of the whole situation is the existence of a moral atheist. Morality, and by extension, the laws that govern out society, came from God. If there is no higher power to whom we are responsible, there can be no right and wrong. It is truly then, every man for himself with the freedom to behave like ‘barbarians’, as Andrew Bolt points out.

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Comment by Arthur Smith on March 28, 2010 at 8:48pm
As for morality, it has to be based on something. Christian's basis is God's commands. And atheist/agnostic has no such basis. Their 'morality' can only be set on personal opinion, majority opinion or government say-so. The problem with following a 'morality' based on the later two, is that this morality can change and the individual can find themselves on the outside of a potentially very dangerous situation. Further, the individual can disagree with these two and in all honesty, cannot be wrong because the point of these two options is allow for change. There is no absolute right or wrong, only opinion.

So as we see, the last two options are really only extensions of their first option - morality being decided by personal opinion. When morality is left to this, there can be no morality because it resides within individuals whom are all very different and have different views, opinions, upbringings and points of view. In that kind of a world, Hitler, Stalin, Hussein, Bin Laden and Dahmer are all simply following their moralities and cannot be wrong. Instead the worst thing they can be guilty of is having a different opinion.

The Christian does not have this freedom. We have a moral absolute that is the same for every person on the planet. Granted, some have tried to twist this absolute and have done atrocities accordingly. That however does not weaken the Christian morality, it simply strengthens the proof of the evil that happens when anyone strays from it.

In His service... Arthur Smith

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