Please continue to pray for Dr. Kent Hovind and his Creation Evangelism ministry

Just wanted to encourage everyone here to continue to pray for Dr. Kent Hovind and the Creation Evangelism ministry he began. His grown son, Eric, and others in his family, are continuing the positive impact Dr. Hovind began having, through this ministry in teaching about God's Creation, and the Truth our Father in Heaven wants everyone to learn and know.

The site can be found at:

I'm sure you all know about this man.
But some still have only heard a little about him.

He is a humble person, with loads of energy, who loves The Lord very, very much, and is now wrongfully in prison, due to a federal district judge misusing the law in our nation against Dr. Hovind, ... more because he was spreading a bit more Truth than "some folks" wanted him to spread.

The result of him being put into federal prison?
He has been spending every waking hour he has, after his time alone with The Lord, and his daily studies in The Word of YHVH God, ... in teaching any other incarcerated men who want to learn all they can, about what Dr. Hovind had been teaching people, before he was put into prison.

This will only expand his impact among some more folks he may not yet have reached!
Some of the men whom he has taught are now "out" in America, ... and are believers in The Lord Yeshua (Jesus), and they are telling others, ... so that more people can know the information Dr. Hovind had been sharing, before he was wrongfully incarcerated by that judge.

Some judges use their positions & supposed power in the wrong way.
Some judges legislate "from the bench." That is unlawful under our nation's laws. Judges who do that should be put into federal prison, instead of men who have not, under the current laws, broken any law in our nation.

However, The Good Lord is over all, He rules over every judge.
He may have allowed this to happen to Dr. Hovind, in order to bless him with more eager "students" of The Word of YHVH God, and more men who would, later in time, find opportunities to spread "the message" both of salvation through faith in The Lord Yeshua The Messiah, ... and the message YHVH God has written into His Creation.

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