Purchase Creation Campus – 7Wonders Museum

Purchase Creation Campus – 7Wonders Museum

Have you ever dreamed about starting a creation ministry?   If so, why not take over one that already exists and is fully functional with room to grow? The Mount St. Helens 7Wonders Creation Museum Board of Directors is searching for a couple with independent means, in good health, with speaking and business skills that will glorify God by sharing Biblical creation as new owner/directors of the 7WM.

This ministry is a turn-key operation that touches several thousand lives each year with a clearer understanding of Biblical creation through formal and informal conversation with visitors to the Museum. Other services include leading tours to see the physical features of the eruptions, speaking regionally on behalf of the Museum and attending the work of directing a Washington State non-profit charity recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 non-profit corporation with annual sales and donations of over $30,000.

The organization rents from the current owners/directors. Replacements would need to purchase the 7WM creation campus consisting of a 1300sf 3-bed/2-bath house, a 1500sf museum building and a 780sf garage/shop on 1.29 acres of lawns, landscaping and trees all for the remarkable price of a modest home in Portland.  Located in the Toutle River valley, the area boasts fresh air, no traffic lights and delightful scenery just 75 minutes from downtown Portland. 

The new owners must give evidence of a world view consistent with orthodox Christianity so that they can identify with the clientele that is primarily served by the museum and to satisfy its donor base.

Since the museum operates primarily during the tourist season, hospitality skills -the ability to reach out and welcome various audiences is essential. Volunteer help is available. For more information see www.creationism.org/sthelens and contact Lloyd or Doris Anderson at mshcreationmuseum@yahoo.com.   

Post written by Doris Anderson of the Seven Wonders Creation Museum

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Comment by Kim Jones on November 13, 2013 at 10:25pm

Hi Mr. Wirsich!

Your museum sounds great!  I am so glad you have a Creation Museum there in Germany.  It saddens my heart to hear about how people have been brain washed.  The same is happening here in America.  I will be praying for you and your museum  to reach the hearts and minds of Germany.  I will pass this message on to the owners of the Seven Wonders Creation Museum, so they can read it and pray for you too.  Thank you for the invitation to your museum.  If I ever come to Germany I would love to visit your museum.  Keep up your wonderful work for Christ,

In Christ,

Kim Jones

Comment by Mathew Wirsich on November 13, 2013 at 8:22am

I don´t have the money for the flight and the house..... I have much experience in running a creation museum in Germany . Here the donations are MINUS ....this means : All exhibits , money , costs are private financed. There is only much critics from Christians, when you build up a creation museum in GERMANY. Ours is the one and only creation museum of its kind in Germany. Theological Liberalism and evolution is in the mind of all people. Brain washing by media and tv had been succesful in GERMANY. 150 years ago the first accent of Mt Ararat had been by a German doctor PHD Friedrich Parrot from Karlsruhe ( nearby Heidelberg ) . GERMAN Scientsists beliefed in the inspiration and truth of BIBLE ! Later the Genesis story was only a ferry thale for children in Germany. Please pray for the CREATION LAB CMEDIENTEAM MINISTRY. We are located nearby famous Heidelberg city. You are invited to visit our museum . We also speak English and make conducted tours and presentations in English language. It wopuld be possible for a group to stay 1 day or longer at the museum . We have much material and presentations , also in English language.


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