Refuting Evolution - excerpts from book Censored Science by Bruce Malone

            Life itself is divided into three enormous groupings, Bacteria, Archaea (similar to bacteria having no cell nucleus but different enough to be put in a new classification), and Eukarya (all forms of life having a cell nucleus).  Saying something from one of these broad groups turned into something in the other group is akin to believing that an athlete training with ankle weights could run a two minute mile upon shedding the weights.

            There are also enormous leaps between the energy conversion mechanisms used by different classes of creatures.  Animals eat (ingest), fungus absorb, and plants convert sunlight (photosynthesis).  Some creatures love extreme pressure which would kill all other creatures (barophiles), some thrive in temperatures near boiling which would fry all other creatures (thermophiles) and some love the acidity of fuming sulfuric acid (acidophiles).   Each of these creatures is so different that the transition from one to the other is less feasible than a baseball player, training with weighted bats, becoming capable of hitting a ball out of New York’s Yankee Stadium all the way into the Chicago Club’s Stadium.

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