Refuting the Critics: Hell's Existence & Purpose

   Wow! It has been so long since I last posted here. Although, I really didn't have much to talk about. But, I have found quite some interesting articles of questions to Christians. There are so many and the answer would be quite long that out of all of them. I have decided to write a book answering them. Though some will require a bit of studying.

   Anyway, so browsing through this website's groups (after having entered the keyword "atheist") I come across one with some very interesting comments. One in particular - of which I'll be commenting on tonight - is about hell's existence. My comments will be in normal font the arguer (whose name is will be Mike for this post) will be in bold font.

God is supposed to be omnipotent and all-knowing. That means that if you end up in so called "Hell" he knew it was going to happen the day you came into the Earth.

   What Mike is saying here that God knew we were going to end up in hell yet still allowed it to happen and therefore He is a dirt bag. Well, knowing your son is going to end up living in the gutters the day he started a drinking habit does that mean you're heartless. No, it means you did what you could to make him stop, now he'll just have to learn the truth the hard way. While not a 100% accurate analogy it does go to show that God is merciful and isn't forceful. He wants us to choose. If He chose for us, we would be like a robot. But God created something with the free will to choose. At great sacrifice yes. But God is not willing that any should perish (2 Peter 3:9), but found the sacrifice well worth it.
   An anticipated response from atheists would be "How could a loving God sacrifice so many innocent people for His own glory?" And thus the atheist has thrust himself into another corner. Without God to determine the meanings of "right" and "wrong" - "good" or "bad." These definitions only become relative, but for this argument to work, you need an objective meaning of the words - and without God, you can't have'em. Secondly, it's God's world. He created it, the life on it as well and thus is in the right position to do with it whatever He wants.

But overall, "Hell" does not exist, because it serves no purpose.

   Why yes, actually, it has a very great purpose. It is to punish sinners who decided to go down with their own ship of sin. Think of it like this - the captain goes down with his ship. Sin is like a ship, the more you sail the closer to death you will get and if you are still the captain, the crew will abandon you and you will go down with your ship. Jesus is there offering Himself to go down with the ship, all you have to do is hand over the captain's hat and authority to Him. What makes this analogy great is no one likes to be under subjection to anyone. They want to be in control, giving orders, always being right. But that's the thing, pride will destroy you. That's why God, resists the proud but gives grace to the humble (James 4:6)
   Another thing is Mike argues that Hell doesn't exist because it has no purpose. This is an example of the fallacy of denying the antecedent. Just because something doesn't have a supposed purpose doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It has been estimated that the average household has 30 unused items. Do you have any items in your house that just hang on the wall? What's its purpose? It doesn't have one, just to take up space on the wall. Oh, that's a purpose, right? Not a good one. And from what we will see next the purpose has to be good, so Mike argues.
   Also, if not having a purpose hakes you cease to exist then every suicidal person on earth should just puff into a cloud of smoke because they think they have no purpose. Although hell has a tremendous purpose. Not having one doesn't make it false.

People may argue that hell is a justice system that punishes you for doing wrong, but it is ultimately useless if it doesn't teach the sinner anything considering the sinner will be serving eternity in hell.

   That's why we so strongly argue for Christianity. Because if you die in your sins (or go down with your ship). You will spend eternity there. We warn you, we tell you how to be saved. It's not supposed to teach you anything really (other than you were wrong). That's what the struggles on earth God lets happen is for. For example, if you're on your ship sailing towards a minefield. Jesus is asking you to let Him be the captain because in so He will go down with the ship and you will be set free (anecdote for Heaven). Yet you continue, running into mines and saying "Everything is ok!" But it's not. I could further this analogy by saying Jesus is a very experienced sailor, and you are inexperienced. Yet you own the ship, and you can't trust a ship you spent 56 grand on in the hands of someone else. Again, this is pride.

Finite sin should not result to infinite punishment.

   Well, that's the thing. Sin isn't finite, it's infinite because you're sinning against an infinite God. But again, this doesn't remotely demote hell's existence. Every wonder why we punish people for stealing $10 of items with about like $500,000 is fines or 3 or more years in prison? Isn't that way more than what the convict stole? Well, that's it, when you do something wrong your punishment is more than what the item costs. This is to make people rather buy it than steal it because it's cheaper. Sin is fun, but would you rather struggle and fight temptation or deal with the consequences?

Thus hell is a fear tactic that the Catholic Church uses to lure people into belief.

   No, not by the Catholics. They didn't come up with it. As for it being nothing more than a fear tactic, suppose we are standing on a plane about to jump and I say, "Hey! Put on this parachute, it will save your life." And you respond, "Really? That's just a fear tactic, you just want me to look silly." Or if a blind man is walking towards the edge of a cliff and I say, "No blind man don't go that way! You'll fall off the cliff." To which he responds, "You're just using a fear tactic to make me join your silly group."

   Christianity isn't about getting people to join our ranks by using fear tactics. We are trying to warn people of the wraths that's to come and make sure they are saved on the Day of Judgement. I'd much rather be watching YouTube right now than explaining this, but I care about you and where you're going to spend eternity. There's no other reason I'm writing this, it's only because I care.

Thank you for reading, comments welcome.

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