Review: Take Back the Land by Rick Boyer

" This is a book for young people. It was written because I believe you people are important and that they have a huge part in God's plan for the future of America and the Church. In fact, you are the future. And a big part of the present, too."

In Take Back The Land, Rock Boyer, homeschooling father of 14 is speaking to today's young people and encouraging them, the Joshua generation (the second generation of homeschoolers whose parents the Moses generation fought for homeschooling freedoms in the 1980's) to stand up, take notice, and take back our land for Christ. Throughout the book he speaks very realistically without dumbing teens down and unapoligetically about the problems America is facing today and what our teens can do it about it. Not tomorrow, or when they are "adults", but what they can start doing today to take back our "promised land." In his very down to earth conversational tone, Rick talks about areas such as: education, the media, the arts, the family, the church, and the courts. He shows how our founding fathers intended for things to be and how far astray our nation has come. He gives very realistic ways our young people today can step into the arena and begin the fight to take back our land. I loved how the book ended, "We really don't need another order. Our Commander has already said, "Go ye into all the world." Your response is up to you. The Moses generation is watching you, Joshua. Take back the land."

I wanted to add that although it is written for teens (in my opinion older teens), I think homeschooling parents can read and greatly benefit from the book also. Do you ever waver in your conviction to homeschool? Read the book especially the section on education so you can be reminded how and why government run schools came about and what they really teach children. " Sit still and be quiet. Don't question why we do it this way, just do it. Give us the answer we want or we'll punish you. Know your place: mainstream, gifted, or LD. We will tell you what you're worth. We will tell you what to read. We will tell you what to think. We will drug you if you get out of hand. We will tell you , by golly, when to go to the bathroom. You're not here to learn to run you're own life."

I would highly recommend Take Back the Land for the older teen and homeschooling parents, those who may be thinking about homeschooling, or even if you didn't homeschool and are interested in what you can do to make a difference in our nation today and in future generations.

I received a complimentary copy of Take Back the Land from New Leaf Publishing Group for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review. I received no other compensation.

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