I recently sent a YouTube link out to my staff with the comment, “Why we do what we do.”

We are the publishers of Master Books, an apologetics imprint started by Tim LaHaye and Dr. Henry Morris, and we’re standing in the gap as secular humanist voices in this country seem to grow ever louder.

The short clip is entitled, “Forget Jesus, the stars died for us.” Wow! Whoever would have dreamed that the day would come that someone would say something like this and that a crowd would cheer? This nation is under attack like never before. People like Lawrence Krauss don’t just want to tell you about their religious views (yes, atheism is a religion); they want to attack yours, as well.

The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God” (Psalm 14:1).

The decade we just came out of has attacked Christianity through the written word like never before. Some of the recent best-selling religious titles include Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion), Sam Harris, (The End of Faith), Victor Stenger (God: The Failed Hypothesis), and Christopher Hitchens (God is Not Great). Yes, these titles for the most part are considered religious, but they all openly attack the Word of God.

I personally believe that the Word of God is alive and is the very breath of my Lord and Savior; from the very first verse to the last—yes, it is my “burning bush.” As God talked to Moses through a burning bush, God can talk to Tim Dudley through His Word. We here at Master Books are willing to defend this holy Word of God at any cost.

What about you?

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