Hi! We are having one most  beautiful sunsets of the year so far.!

I have heard the scientfic explanation of sunsets, however i prefer to call it beautiful

let it go at that. We had very high winds and a large dust storm.

That;s Arizona for you 

i did not learn to type yet. Still one finger, so there may be some mistakes.

the book that i gave my friend for Messiah mas , she said she read it. Interesting she said.

I read it purposely so we could talk about it, a lot of things have happened since then,

I have not been able to get anything out of

 our conversation more than that.

She has become much more distant.  i still pray for her.

Would you pray for   S as well. She seems to read many things just to read them.

She appears to have a tremendous memory.  If you have people in your life as well

similar to this, may this remind you also to pray for them :).

I do not own a T.V. I do listen to radio Bible studies.

As I age, I find that  I want to read more of God's Word for my self.

Bible studies can be helpful though.

I am still a novice when it comes to  Creation Science. I am understanding more

why 6 literal days of creation are important. I kind of thought that before but now I know why.

bye for now.


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