Teaching Creation Thursday ~ A Look at the Fossil Record (and a free download)


This week, Dr. Blake is sharing with us about Fossils Records.  You can also find Dr. Blake at Genesis Resources (http://genesisresources.zohosites.com/) for more information and resources.  Dr. Blake also has free downloads on his website that you can use to teach children about Noah, The Ark and The Flood.

A Look at the Fossil Record
by Dr. Derek P. Blake. Ph.D

I had so many comments and questions in reaction to my article on the problems with Evolution, this month I thought I would tackle the issue of the Fossil Record. If the evolutionary theory were correct we would expect to find a complete fossil record covering a gradual development almost from amoeba to man. In truth that fossil record does not exist. What we find is the sudden appearance of fossils in what is known as the ‘Cambrian Explosion’, so called because it is within the rock strata evolutionists call ‘Cambrian’ that fossils are first found. Below this level of rock (called pre-Cambrian – an original name) virtually no fossil life is found at all. Evolutionists claim that before this ‘Cambrian Explosion’ almost all life was ‘soft’, sometimes called ‘Lilo-Life’, and soft-bodied creatures, they say, leave no fossils. This is untrue, there are many examples of soft-bodied fossils, squid, jelly-fish or the sea-slug pictured above from my own collection.

The ‘facts’ that we derive from the Fossil Record are in truth, open to interpretation. However, the order in which fossils are found in the strata coincides with what would happen in the situation of a flood. The Bible tells us that, ‘on that day all the springs of the great deep burst forth’ (Genesis 7:11). So God first opened the seabed and released the
water that was locked in the earth, it is possible that when God separated the dry land from the water, he may have lifted the seabed to allow some of the water to rush below the surface, it was possibly that water that was released again. Along with this underground water would have come all the debris and sediment that accumulated over the first seventeen hundred years of the Earth. This would surely have killed off the marine life that lived close to the seabed. These are exactly the creatures that are found at the bottom of the strata, the slow moving, small organism or invertebrates that could not escape.

Next on our hit list would be the vertebrates that would be more able by one means or another to make an escape. They could move quicker, be able to hide or merely possess greater strength enabling them to resist for longer. First to be overcome would have been the fish, resisting for a short time they would have soon been overcome by sediment being poured into the water from the land and suffocated from lack of oxygen. Land dwelling animals would be next on the list, resisting for much longer and retreating as the water rose. Of the land air breathing animals the amphibians would have been the first to die as they were already near to water as a need and would have been awkward on land. Reptiles would be next as they were not very mobile and the water would have soon caught up with their retreat. The mammals come next, although they could move relatively quickly across the land, they would have quickly drowned once the land ran out and the water persisted.

Man would have been busy inventing all sorts of means to survive the waters, from make shift rafts, boats and tall buildings. However one hundred and fifty days was a long time to go without food or fresh water and so lastly, they too will have been wiped from the face of the Earth. As it was possibly the humans that died last their bodies would have rested on top of the sediments and only the light suspended sediments would have covered their bodies. Following the subsidence of the flood the last sediments to be deposited would have become the topsoil of the day, erosion and farming would quickly disturb their remains. Early erosion may be the reason why we find so few fossilized human remains in the strata. Not surprisingly this is the exact order of the fossil record, which is presented as evidence in support of evolution.

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