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TeachingCreationsThursdaysThis week, Bill and Merilee are sharing with us about why Science Matters.  Bill and Merilee created Science Partners.  You can find more about them and all the wonderful classes, field trips and information at Science Partners.


We live and breathe science. We know everybody doesn’t. But, whether you do or not, SCIENCE MATTERS! Why? A recent poll reveals that a startling 2/3 of young people from Christian, churchgoing families leave the church after high school, never to return. It’s a sad fact that more students make this decision in middle and high school than college. The reason? They don’t have answers to important questions like: Is the Bible true? Doesn’t science disprove the Bible? Isn’t the earth millions of years old? Was there really an ark and flood? How could all the animals fit on the ark? If the church (my pastor, Sunday School teacher…) doesn’t believe Genesis 1:1, why should I believe John 3:16?

The evolutionary worldview that life is simply a product of random chance, trial and error, and that truth is relative to the time and situation is bombarding your child from every side – school, television, theme parks, video games, science centers, zoos, aquaria, museums, and even many churches. You see, SCIENCE MATTERS. Science is the search for truth. It’s how our Creator God reveals Himself to us. That’s why Romans 1:20 says we’re “without excuse.” But, we don’t worship creation; we worship the Creator!

Science, from a creationist perspective, is the one discipline that can give your child answers about the natural world, ground his faith, and strengthen his Christian worldview. Every child has an inborn curiosity to discover his “roots.” Who am I? Why am I here? Where did all this come from? Who thought all this up? How does it work? The proper approach to science can help a child answer these questions with Truth. It takes time to develop a Christian worldview, just as it takes time to corrupt a child’s mind through the teaching of evolution that everything is relative, life can exist without God, and given enough time, anything is possible.

So, commit now to teach your children science from a biblical worldview, while making them aware of other world-views so they can see their weaknesses and foolish assumptions. We wrote our book, The Complete Aquarium Adventurebecause children are fascinated by the sea and its creatures! So, it is easy to point them to our Creator through the sea. There are many other resources available to you – from books to DVDs, conferences, classes, field trips, and more. So, dive in – because SCIENCE MATTERS!

Bill and Merilee Clifton

Science Partners


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