Today I read in the Answers magazine, published by Answers in Genesis, that the creator of The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons and The Lost Symbol gave up on religion as a youth because of a pastor’s inability to defend the book of Genesis.

If you have read any of the works of the author, Dan Brown, you’ll know that he doesn’t think highly of religion. He says in his book The Lost Symbol that “Christians proudly declare they are believers in the Bible and yet simply ignore those parts they find too difficult or too inconvenient to believe.” (p. 194)

Interestingly, this comment may stem from an experience where, as a young man he read a book about a big bang occurring billions of years ago, yet he knew the Bible taught that God created the heaven, the earth and the animals in seven days. He asked a pastor which book was right. The pastor supposedly replied, “Nice boys don’t ask that question.”

Sadly, many Christians don’t know that they don’t have to ignore any part of the Bible for fear of it being unbelievable. The Bible is eminently defendable despite the best efforts of it’s’ critics.

If you need help or ideas in defending your faith, visit or for resources, discussions and interest groups.

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Comment by Zachary Bauer on April 1, 2010 at 9:18am
Great Post!

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