The Bible (Hebrew: control Latin: biblia, Greek: beta beta lambda Omicron, English: Bible Russian: 6S, 6S Korolev, "(meaning for papyrus)), to religious classic in Judaism and Christianity (including Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestant), also translated as" Lord ". Jewish religious classics refers to the Old Testament part, namely the Tanakh (or Hebrew Bible), and the Christian Bible refers to two parts: the Old Testament and the New Testament.

The Jewish Bible, "Tanach", from the beginning of the creation of the Lord, and then tells the history of the ancient Jews, and recorded the prophet.

Christianity of the New Testament of the Bible records the words and deeds of Jesus Christ and his disciples, and early Christian event record, the Apostle Paul wrote to church or other people's letters, or other apostles wrote to the church letters that God uses the hand and write down his words.

The Bible has experienced a long time of editing, translation, circulation, has formed a special "interpretation".

Acknowledged by the different Christian sects of the Old Testament part is slightly different, the Catholic version of the admitted 46 volumes, the orthodox version of admit 50 volumes, Christ Protestant version of the recognition of 39 volumes. "The number of" New Testament Bible book more consistent, Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant admitted 27 volumes. In mainland China, Protestant and Bible names and so on treatment with English transliteration approach, Catholic thought Bible) "the Bible" is the Latin Transliteration approach, such as English transliteration of "Peter", according to the Latin Transliteration for "Peter". The Bible is an important source of western culture, but also a cover and contain everything. It is the world circulation maximum, the issue of time the longest, translated into the language of most the most popular and readers is the largest, most influential book, and has been included in the Guinness Book of world records.

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