People understand that the truth matters.  We base our decisions and actions on what we perceive to be true.  For instance, if someone is about to take medicine, they count on the label to be true so that they do not ingest anything harmful.  They want the truth about whether or not any cars are coming when they are about to walk across the street.  The Truth concerning our souls, and its eternal destiny, is incredibly important and merits serious investigation.


Christians consider the Bible to be the Word of God.  As such, the importance of accepting the historicity of the Bible cannot be overstated.  If Jesus is who he says he is, then we should heed his words.  If he is not who he says he is, then there is no basis for Christianity at all.  Jesus said that He is the Way to God, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6 ESV).


Jesus commissioned believers to spread God’s Word (Matthew 28:19-20) and in the book of Jude we read that we are to, “…contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints” (Jude 3 NASB).  Christians share their faith because they love people with the love of Christ, they know what it is like to be forgiven of our sins, and they want to see everyone enjoy a close personal relationship with God.  It is not a question of whether “ours is better or yours is better” but “what is the Truth?”


The Bible tells us that we are to share the Truth of God with anyone who will listen.  Many unbelievers use the misdeeds of some calling themselves Christians to dismiss the veracity of the biblical record.  It is true that some Christians, and many pretending to be Christians, have behaved in ways that did not honor God.  However, these actions were carried out contrary to the will of God, not in accordance with the way He wants us to behave. 


There are also those who dismiss the truth of the Bible because they believe science has proven it untrustworthy.  They believe that science and the biblical record are at odds with one another and that a person can accept one or the other, but not both.  This is simply not true.  Christians do not believe that science is bad.  Rather, when properly interpreted, science and the Bible complement each other.

However, when science hypothesizes as to how we may or may not have begun our existence, they have exited the realm of science and entered the realm of philosophy.  True science, the science that seeks and finds cures for diseases, etc. is a wonderful gift from God.  It should glorify Him in its endeavors.  When science has this outcome, it is perfectly compatible with the Christian faith and adds to the veracity of the Bible.


The Bible contains the truth God wants us to know.  It would be well worth the time spent to find out what it contains.

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