I'm the editor of the Baptist Trumpet, the weekly publication of the Baptist Missionary Association of Arkansas. We have a circulation of about 11,500. This is the review of Mrs. Jones' book that will appear in this week's issue of our newspaper:

The Case Of The Missing Mountain

     As I’ve mentioned before, I’m very weak in the area of science. As a matter of fact, the only “D” I ever made in school was in Biology. (It was the grading period when we had to do a bug collection, and I don’t do bugs; and if it had been a snake collection, I would’ve flunked outright!) Science and I just don’t seem to mix and I have always been totally intimidated by it. But I think if there had been books like The Case Of The Missing Mountain back then, I would’ve passed with flying colors because this book actually makes science interesting!

     Kim Guthrie Jones (daughter of BMA Pastor Tommy Guthrie) tells the story of how a volcanic explosion caused a huge, one mile wide horseshoe-shaped crater in the top of Mount St. Helen’s in Washington on May 18, 1980. The eruption was the deadliest and most economically destructive volcanic event in the history of the United States, with 57 people killed, 250 homes, 47 bridges, 15 miles of railways and 185 miles of highway destroyed. Those are the facts we all know about the event, but other questions remain about what actually caused it to happen.

     Mrs. Jones, who formerly served as a guide at Mount St. Helen’s Seven Wonders Museum, worked with many other experts to compile the facts for this book and she answers our questions through a series of puzzles, mazes, secret codes and experiments. The book also includes full-color pictures from the Mount St. Helen area (before and after the eruption) as well as illustrations of the ideas being taught.

     But she goes a giant step past ordinary science as she explains the events from a Christian perspective and parallels the flood that reshaped the world in the time of Noah to the explosion. Throughout the book, with the help of Rangers Jack and Jen, she guides readers to “discover the miraculous power of God at work in the world.”

     Note to parents and school and homeschool teachers: one reviewer said, “Though most of the answers to the mazes, codes, etc., were pretty obvious, there wasn't an answer key in the book. However, the answer key should soon be posted on the book’s webpage, www.thenaturetour.nlpgblogs.com.”

     This 80 page, 8.5 x 11 full-color educational paperback activity book, which was released Dec. 29, is available for $14.99 by contacting New Leaf Publishing (www.newleafpublishinggroup.com) or Amazon (www.amazon.com).

     Bottom line — I give The Case Of The Missing Mountain a definite “thumbs up” because, although it is geared for young people and promises them “a badge and certificate” for completion of the study, I also found it very interesting – and remember, I’m scientifically challenged and way past young!

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Comment by Kimberly Guthrie on January 29, 2011 at 11:37am

Thanks for the great review Diane!  I appreciate your time and comments about the book! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!


I really enjoy reading the paper you edit and write for, "The Baptist Trumpet."  It seems to be getting better and better! I really love the new E Trumpet!  It is well worth a read! 


Thanks again!  (:


In Christ,

Kim Jones

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