When God made life on our planet, everything played a role in keeping the ecosystems balanced. In recent times, as we have developed modern machines and technology, many scientists have not thought about trying to understand God’s Creation and have just gone ahead and changed the environment. Sometimes this has led to unexpected effects.

wattle tree

For example, in the northern tablelands of New South Wales, Australia, farmers thought wattle trees did not serve much purpose on their farms and cut them down. However, when this was done, the removal of wattle trees in the vicinity of eucalypt trees has resulted in the decline and death of large numbers of these eucalypt trees. 

Christmas Beetle

Investigations revealed that during the spring and summer scarab beetles voraciously defoliated the eucalypts. Normally, 80% of these and other leaf eating insects in the forest canopy were consumed by sugar glider possums and birds.

Boom! It is a Sugar Glider - Petaurus breviceps

During the cooler months, the wattles provided food in the form of gums and nectar for these natural predators.  When the wattles were removed, these predator species all but disappeared and the scarab beetle population exploded destroying the remaining trees. (Smith, A. 1992, Sugar Gliders, Wattles and Rural Euacalypt Dieback, University of New England, Armidale, N.S.W).  

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Dr. John Ashton is Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Sciences at Victoria University, Melbourne, and Adjunct Professor of Applied Sciences at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University. He served as editor of some of the most compelling books compiled on faith, origins issues, and science essays released in the past several years which include In Six Days and On the Seventh Day and Evolution Impossible. Dr. Ashton lives with his wife, Colleen, and their four children in Sydney, Australia.


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