Not many would think about it but your eye has muscles. And those muscles, as little as they are, do a lot. These muscle help you look up, down, left, and right. There are even 2 muscles that rotate your eye.

  • Superior & inferior rectus help us look either up and down
  • lateral and medial rectus helps up look from left to right.
  • superior & inferior oblique serve to rotate the eye*. The reason, is so when we walk and tilt our head from side-to-side, they act as a leveler and automatically rotate our eyes so we don't get dizzy, just from walking. Isn't it amazing that God gave us these muscles.

   Just think of it, everywhere we move 12 separate muscles (6 on each eye) work to keep our eyes in perfect coordination. If our eyes were the slightest off, we'd see double. It's just like a gun slinger with a gun in each hand yet he has such a perfect coordination, he can only make one bullet h*** every time he fires both guns.

   The Lord is truly amazing, even the muscles that control the lens on the inside of our eye looks like micro-strings yet are strong enough to adjust the lens. It makes you wonder how this could possibly show evidence for evolution, even the slightest bit.

Thanks for reading and I hope you learned something to share with your friends and family. I'll be back to post something again soon.


*You can see some-one's eye rotate! Just get a friend and tell them to tilt there head slowly until they reach about 45 degrees while you have your eyes fixed on something immovable like a blood vein. It should stay in the same place!

Sources: A Pocket Guide to the Human Body pg 28, Image from

Questions or Comments welcome.

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