The New Answers Book 4: Ken Ham

The New Answers Book 4: Over 30 Questions on Creation/ Evolution and the Bible by Ken Ham, general editor, is the newest edition to the Bible Answers series.  This collection of essays on topics about creation and evolution, in light of the bible are the perfect apologetic tool for educated Christians and students who wish to defend their faith.  Perfect for high school students, college students and laymen, these books will strengthen the faith of any reader who finds their faith is attacked.

This scholarly volume is simple enough that the layman or student can understand, yet sufficiently detailed to engage any educator or science professional.  Each question is answered in essay format- and is very thorough providing technical and detailed information based on scientific facts, sociological and archeological findings.  For example a question addressing the existence of dragons does into extensive detail about the evolutionary parallels of ancient creatures that fit the scientific descriptions of dragons in the bible and other ancient references.  Fossil evidence illustrates that such creatures did exist and were comparable to dinosaurs.  Photographs of dragons in art as well as photographs of fossils are provided for the reader to investigate and weight the evidence for himself rather than passively reading the information provided. The extensive scholarship contained in each article can stand the scrutiny of any secular college or university course. There is an issue addressing the issue of cavemen in light of biblical truth and genetics.  It is refreshing to see the idea of creation as presented by the bible can stand firm in light of science and that science: genetics, archeology and other disciplines support biblical creation.  There are questions and essays on earth age, young creation, the fossil record, canopy model, the flood, climate change, environmentalism, starlight models and the efficacy of GMOs.  It is obvious that these essays are scientifically advanced and in some cases technical- worthy for inclusion in technical scientific journals. 

This book is like a text- a complete course in of itself.  This volume as well as the first three volumes are essential reading for any student in anthropology or biology. The authority of this book and the scientific scholarship it represents is impressive.  The information contained in some of the answers to the questions presented require more than just a casual reading to assimilate the information.  The variety of contributors gives years worth of education, knowledge and work at the reader's disposal.  This is a valuable resource that belongs in every high school and university library.

The author provides theological background for this book as he explains that evolution and atheism in of itself is a religion as it is a set system of beliefs.  At times the tone is somewhat defensive in the final chapter, as the reader can sense Ken Ham's passion in ministering to atheists.  The foundations of evolution and its wide acceptance can be traced to atheistic assumptions and thought. Contrary to what atheists claim, their rigid acceptance of their atheistic belief system which rejects the idea of God, constitutes a religion.  Furthermore, Ken Ham explains, point by point, the inconsistencies of the atheist world view in that atheists accept social practices, morals  and norms that are biblical in origin. Using logic, Ham presents the logical inconsistencies of atheism as well as the pessimistic and hopeless nature of such a negative believe system in and open letter to all atheists. As a blogger for NLP I received a copy of this book published by Masterbooks and imprint of NLP for the purpose of writing this review.

New Leaf Publishing Group

Three volume set: Answers from Master Books

The Answers Book Volume 4

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