The Nodosaur: The Shock: March 21, 2011


It's hard to believe this guy was RECENTLY discovered in tact with bones, skin, keratin coated horns, and guts!

National Geographics cracks me up with their alleged 110 million year old survivor story!

In fact let's look at what the secular world is saying about Mr. Tank!

CNN wrote that: "researchers suggest that the creature “may have been swept away by a flooded river and carried out to sea, where it eventually sank. Over millions of years on the ocean floor, minerals took the place of the dinosaur’s armor and skin, preserving it in the lifelike form now on display.”

Anyone with any kind of experience in the scientific realm (non-the-less marine biology) understand that in simply a matter of days ocean organisms and shrimp can eat a corpse in less that a week. Sometimes even a matter of three days! And they are trying to say that it survived in oceanic conditions for millions of years?! Does anyone see an issue with this?

Another interesting quote that was stated in the national geographic article from what Paleobiologist Jakob Vinther, said, when he was shocked at the find stating that it: "might have been walking around a couple of weeks ago,I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Why are they dating this animal at 110 million years old?

Its the same old argument of (REJECTION) to the global flood, as well as to recognize the circular argument that the fossils date the rock layers and the layers date the fossils and the lies of the Geologic Column.

Once again they are spreading silly nonsense on this amazing find that I believe didn't even last 4,000 years in the soil. Now what that scientist said about a "couple weeks" He wasn't too far off!

In this article they also mention behemoth and I asked myself "Now where would they get that name!?????" 

Isn't it interesting that Christianity has still crept into even the secular articles!? 

May we continue to spread the truth that this nodosaur (An Ankylosaurus without it's defense bone on the end of its tail) is a GORGEOUS PERFECT example of God's great wrath upon the children of disobedience in Genesis 6.

Janessa Cooper

~The Creation Adventurer~

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