While some may believe it's all snakes I have a hard time thinking so. For me I have a personal belief that the snake influenced by Satan was IMHO the Reticulated Python. Why? Well, being the longest* and most aggressive snake in the world it just makes since.

   Although, being around 6,000 years ago that snake that he influenced could've been extinct by now. As I have read one book on snakes (as they are an obsession), they had in the book about the "fist snake that had evolved," which got me to think that that was the snake influenced by Satan. (Not that I believe snakes evolved)

   However, if anyone would like to share their thoughts, you're more than welcome to.

*The Anaconda is the biggest snake while the R. Python is the longest. The Anaconda being more heavily bodied (or bigger in width).

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Comment by Dr. Bradley on December 17, 2016 at 12:41am
Just my "two cents":
As you mentioned, the longest snake is the green anaconda however the most aggressive is the Tiapan. Of course this all arguably varies somewhat. If you look at the Hebrew word for serpent in Genesis, it actually means "shining one", which when combined with the description of the serpent as being "beautiful, lends me to believe it could have originally been a cherub, influenced by Satan, then cursed to slither on its belly forever (like a modern day snake).

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