The World of Animals, Toola Roola Jane, & Sweetie Bell Marie

One day last week, the kids poured the change out of their banks, pooled their change together, and off we went to Petsmart to buy their first pets. Already, we are quite in love with Toola Roola Jane and Sweetie Bell Marie.  But wait! I'm getting ahead of myself!

Before adopting our little littles, we read about mice in our new Answers in Genesis World of Animals book which is a simply amazing textbook!  My kiddos love it.  It's filled with great pictures, short snippets and longer ones about the most wide array of animals, and just an overall 256 pages of awesomeness.  What I love most about it is that it's written with a creationist worldview and it's really something that can be used for any age group.  My kiddos are in Kindergarten and 2nd grade, and we can use this as part of our curriculum together.  Love it!

Reading World of Animals got my kiddos excited about getting a pet, and when they found that sweet little mouse on page ... it seemed like the perfect idea.  We wanted something sweet and cuddly, but one of my daughters is allergic to cats and dogs.  :(  We wanted something easy to take care of but goldfish and lizards didn't seem to be very exciting.  Hence, mice!

And they are the sweetest things!  They squeak quietly when they're
exploring their surroundings, they eat dried fruits and veggies with the
cutest little mannerisms, they let the kids hold them, and all four of
our children are really learning how to care for them.  Even our little
boy is gentle with them.

These mice have been super exciting.  A couple days ago, we built them a maze out of Legos.  Spending hours playing Legos with my kiddos was awesome, and watching
the mice run through the maze was hilarious!

I highly recommend such a
pet--and they only cost about $3!  I also highly recommend both World of Animals and the companion book World of Science (which is filled with every Science subject imaginable and comes with tons of simple experiments).  If you buy them as a set, you actually save almost $20.  By far my favorite homeschool Science
books yet, and I've tried lots!

Find more fun homeschool ideas at our blog, The Traveling Sisterhood!

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Comment by Kathy Balman on October 25, 2012 at 6:05pm

Will you help Kelli and I promote the new Wildlife Wednesday group on creation conversations? I think you will find this is right up your alley

Comment by Kathy Balman on October 25, 2012 at 6:03pm

Awesome these are two great books. My daughter wants a rat for Christmas. She is super excited. Great review.

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