Transgenders and Spirits in the Atheistic Worldview

   So it just occurred to me that when one says he/she is transgender, they're saying that spirits exist and their spirit is a female spirit trapped in a male body. Yet atheist proclaim spirits don't exist. How can that work?

   To be transgender, you must have a spirit. Otherwise, transgenders don't exist and is therefore a mental illness (which it is in all honesty). This is obviously an act of the flesh.

   I'm not saying that because we do have spirits that transgender exist. I'm saying that in the atheistic transgender doesn't make since.

   Of course, an atheist could come back "Well, it's my brain. My brain is a woman's brain that developed inside a man's body." In their worldview (randomly generated by chance) it would make sense. But in ours, it doesn't.

   Anybody got a come back for this? I have one but it's not that good. Doesn't the brain develop first? If so then here's my response:

"If a woman's brain developed inside of a man's body then that would mean your body doesn't listen to your brain. But since your body can't do anything without a brain then that means it does. So therefore your brain is in the right body."

I don't know, what do you guys think?

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Comment by Floyd on November 11, 2016 at 4:41am

Interesting points that you have made. Let's take a summary of what is really going on here.

1. There are atheists who don't believe in God and their only origins worldview must be evolution
2. There are transgenders who may be atheists so by default they are evolutionists
3. There are transgenders who may describe themselves as Christians
4. There are transgenders who may believe in evolution and describe themselves as Christian
5. There may be transgenders who may believe in creation

All of the above have one thing in common, that is, they act against God's Will and their worldviews are inconsistent. Any one who acts against God's Will, will invariably become inconsistent in their thoughts or worldview and a worldview that contains inconsistencies is false. One type of inconsistency is called a logical fallacy. The reason for these inconsistencies is because their worldview is always based in relativism and always suffer from presuppositional tensions that become self-refuting somewhere down the line.

The example you gave suffers from a number of fallacies.

By saying

"Well, it's my brain. My brain is a woman's brain that developed inside a man's body."

they are committing a logic error called a Category Mistake fallacy, since a brain and a woman are different categories and a body and a man are different categories also. The woman, by definition is a whole person and so is a man. A category mistake fallacy is attributing a property to something that could not possibly have that property.

Also, the brain is only a part of the woman, but its not the woman and this commits a logic error called a Fallacy of Composition. A Fallacy of Composition is assuming that what is true of the part is true for the whole.

We know the brain houses our thoughts and we use our thoughts to reason and rationalise and hold a worldview. When we analyse their worldview it is always based in relativism that becomes self-refuting somewhere down the line.

In order to reason and be rational we must use the laws of logic. The first law is used to identify what we are referring to. The Category Mistake and Fallacy of Composition shows us that we should be referring to a "whole" person when we talk about a man or a woman.

The Logical Law of identity is P is P. So P is either a man or woman and it can't be both. This is because of the law of non-contradiction which is P is not non-P. That is, a person cannot be both male and female at the same time in the same space. So transgender is either irrational, illogical or the person is possessed with a separate spirit that identifies as female to make the law of identity and non-contradiction consistent.

Now where it becomes self-refuting or a dead-end for those who hold these thoughts and those who accept people having these thoughts is that they must accept a person can say "We…" and mean only one and two person(s) at the same time! How does anyone cope in a conversation like that? Science, society cannot progress like this and this is where they will have "stolen" presuppositions i.e. accept logic, reasoning when it suits them. This is their presuppositional tension. You could keep going on, for example, a person can say their brain is a rat, horse, fly! Hmmmmmm, how's that conversation going to work? Their relativism of the idea of "right" and "wrong" further deceives them that they are "right" when other can equally say they are "wrong" at the same time!!? 

As you can see reasoning rationally with someone becomes impossible, because it goes against the laws of logic which is part of God's nature and so they are forced to steal presuppositions from a worldview that is consistent to deceive themselves and others.

Comment by Gary Murray on November 8, 2016 at 11:54am

A bit of an odd post for a Creation site, however, I'll answer from a logistical perspective...

Romans 1:18-22 tells us that every person knows God exists. However, it also tells us that not every person will accept the existence of God.

Because they know of the existence of God, even tho they reject Him, it then follows that they have knowledge of the spirit, or more directly connected to your post, a spiritual 'realm' as it were.

They have 'knowledge' of the spiritual, but simply don't accept God as creator, so they apply that spiritual knowledge to whatever religion or worldview they do accept. As Romans 1:21 they become vain in their imaginations... and develop such things as 'auras' or 'spiritual animals' in place of truth and God.

So when they speak of 'spiritual' things, they are borrowing knowledge from a worldview they know, but reject as being the one they accept.

A good study on the presuppositional apologetics would better explain this in more detail, but it is completely understandable from the Christian perspective why unbelievers develop such ideas.

More on presuppositional apologetics can be found at

Or search for commentaries and books on Greg Bahnsen. God Bless!

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