Turkish editions of 5 ICR books available digitally

I have digital editions of five Institute for Creation Research Turkish edition books available for free to you or any of your Turkish speaking friends.

Two of them are already available online for free download in various formats from:

https://hristiyankitaplar.com. These are Scientific Creationism (Bilimsel Yaratılış Modeli) by Henry Morris, and Evolution: The Fossils Still Say NO! (Evrim: Fosiller Hâlâ HAYIR Diyor!) by Duane Gish.

The other three (The Bible, Science & Creation, Dinosaurs by Design, and The Young Earth) will, Lord willing, be on that site eventually, but I have them now and can email you files.

These 5 Turkish editions are (c) Alan K White and may be distributed freely, but may not be sold.

(They were all translated/checked by native speakers and published in Turkey by me thru Turkish Christian publishers). 




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