This photo was taken last year at my work in Leawood KS, this mother goose had nested there for the second year and hatched 9 goslings. The nest is in on an island in our parking lot right next to the visitor parking spot (see sign.) Sadly though, this year she did not return. Migrating animal patterns are hard to explain from an evolution worldview, because some animals make their journey without the benefits of parental guidance. The Pacific Golden Plover adults nest in Alaska and migrate to the Hawaii islands before their offspring are ready for the trip. After fattening up, because they lose almost two thirds of the body weight during the trip, they make the flight nonstop over the ocean to Hawaii, with no adults to guide them. A tenth of a degree off course and they would miss the islands and die. There are many migrating birds like this goose make the same journey each year and nest in the same spot. Sadly though, this year she did not return

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