What did you do when you were an unborn child?

Before you were born you could listen, smile, frown, suck thumbs, recognise your mother's voice, dream, repair cells, and much more! You were mostly moving when awake, before you were big enough for mother to feel you move.
Babies dream. When asleep they have rapid eye movement (REM) that accompanies dreaming. Dreaming is mental activity, so proving that unborn babies can think.
Sound travels through amniotic fluid very well. There was a study of pre born children. When music played, 90% moved head and limbs. Nearly half put out their tongue! Many born babies are soothed by, or prefer, music they heard before birth. Some studies show that classical music was good for babies brains. (In a bad animal test, mouse brains were damaged and shrank by rock music!)
Babies make breathing movements, breathing fluid. Shallow and even. If a loud noise comes, mother is jolted, or oxygen in blood drops, baby has a nervous gasp and faster heartbeat.
It is now proven that babies often repair defective cells and be born healthy.
Babies taste in the fluid, food that mother ate.
If you were a twin, you could play with your sibling!
Each cell of your body has the SAME DNA. Babies have THEIR OWN DNA, different from their mother. Not part of her her body. She doesn't become a mother when her child leaves her at birth!
The con man Ernst Haeckel faked drawings. While defending fakes, he admitted they were fakes. But pictures were put in school books. Still are in some. It is proven that there is no truth in his story of babies going through animal stages. Evolutionists know that the story is false, but some insist on similarity because of being influenced by the fake pictures in books. School book writers copy from books. The myth caused many killings. Abortionists lie about baby being a fish! That way mother paid.
Downs syndrome was called "mongaliod idiocy" by Dr Down. He said it was a throwback to the Mongolian stage of evolution. Haeckel wrote "No woolly haired nation has ever had an important history." And many more anti foreigner slurs. Book titled "the history of creation". Scientists know that the story is false. But the myth has been claimed to be one of the main proofs of evolution. Darwin promoted it in the book titled " on the origin of species, or the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life." Unborn babies don't have gill slits, tail or yolk sack.
Not gills. Not slits. Like some people have a double chin if they bend their head, babies have throat pouches. Not vestiges. They become essential parts: thymus (half the immune system), parathyroid (regulates calcium) , middle ear canal, tongue. No tail. Spine. In fake pictures, length is exaggerated. No yolk sack. In adults blood forms in bone marrow. Before bones, blood is formed in a pouch. Later by the liver. Evolutionist Dr. Blechschmidt wrote, "the so-called law of biogenetics is wrong. No buts or ifs can mitigate this fact. It is not even a tiny bit correct or correct in a different form. It is totally wrong". Book titled "The Beginnings of Life" (1977, p. 32). If one is a human being, one is a human person with human rights. Babies get killed by contras, which poison or stop them implanting in the womb. There is more of a shock at baby because mothers trusted the things. Back for part 2 at the anti family place! 2 sides of a coin are contras and killings. There is proof that killings increase in places with contra shops. Infections also are proved to increase, because of the myth of protection. AIDS, chlamydia, gonarrhoea, herps, hepatitis, cervical and liver cancer, syphilis, warts, MMRSA, etc... "When I was in the abortion industry, I knew one thing: birth control sells abortions." Carol Everett. Ann Furedi head of BPAS killer group also knew it caused killings.
Breast and liver cancer, strokes, migraines, blood clots, fat, spots, depression, moodswings, etc, are very often caused by contra pills. I.D.U.s very often cause bleeding, pain, overian cysts, headaches, acne, depression, and can perforate wombs. And killing babies is how they mainly work. Chastity is the only guarantee of protection. People know they can trust their partner if they are chaste.
The Bible denounces contras. Evil Ornan died because it it. (His was a natural method too!) Genesis 39:9.
People need to protect the innocent. "Plead the cause of the unfortunate and needy." Proverbs 31:9.

More information: abort,67.co.uk, operation rescue.org, spuc.org.uk (Abortion), www.pop.org (population control), creation.com (Haeckels drawings), amazinghealth.com (mouse brains reference).

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