Where Did Cain Get His Wife?

The Bible tells us that, after Cain slew his brother, Abel, God punished and cursed him,
sending him east of Eden to the land of Nod (Genesis 4:15-16). Yet
curiously, in verse 17, it says that, "Cain knew his wife; and she
conceived". Since Cain's parents were Adam and Eve, the first humans
God created, where did Cain get his wife? And further, if it were his
sister, isn't that incest - something the Bible explicitly forbids?

Non-believers commonly cite this scripture as evidence that the Bible cannot be trusted (at least it's Creation account) and is no different than any
other fictional story. They say that there had
to be another race or group of peoples roaming the earth at the same
time in order for Cain to marry. Many Christians have a difficult time
with this accusation, but with careful examination, the answer becomes

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Comment by Helmut Welke on June 29, 2010 at 9:22pm
Linda is perfectly correct. Unfortunately this question has messed up folks who don't read the Bible thoroughly, including Clarence Darrow in the Scopes trial. Of Course, Cain married his sister ( or possibly a niece - we are not told) there was no one else- yet - but remember the prohibition against marriage to a close relative did not happen until the time of Moses. (Lev. 18-20). By the time of Moses (about 2,500 years later), degenerative mistakes would have accumulated to such an extent in the human race that it would have been necessary for God to bring in the laws forbidding brother-sister (and close relative) marriage. So 400 hundres years earlier it was still permissable for Abraham to marry his half-sister.
read a lot more about it at
Comment by Linda on June 22, 2010 at 11:42am
One has to understand that the genetic gene pool was not poluted then, and it wasnt considered a sin to be with a relative. The bible said that Adam and Eve had many other sons and daughters, so for me, I do not have a problem with this.

It wasn't until the earth began to get populated that the gene pool was getting poluted, so God had to put a law into effect that would stop this act. Today we see it as something aweful but we forget that the gene pool back then wasn't as poluted as it is today.

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