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Wildlife Wednesdays

A few weeks ago we headed to Panama City Beach, FL for a family vacation. Of course while we were there we had fun learning and exploring nature!

So what did my kids have fun playing with? Well crabs, dead fish, sea snails, dragonflies, sea cucumbers and JELLIES. Yup I let my children hold and play with jellyfish. Don't worry many of the species we found didn't sting except for one. We found Blue Buttons, Moon Jellyfish, Comb Jelly (not a jellyfish by the way) and a Portuguese Man O'War (the one that stings). No one got stung and not jellyfish were harmed during our investigating.

One thing very cool thing we did (besides hold and play with them) was feed the Man O'War a fish (ok so one fish was harmed, but a jelly has to eat). It was really cool and quite amazing to see how these carnivorous creatures eat. We also got to witness how complex these creatures really are. They are not a simple organism like you would think. They stalk their prey and also try to find ways to escape buckets.

When we got home we of course grabbed our Marvels of Creations - Sensational Sea Creatures book from New Leaf Publishing to learn more. This book is part of a series and they are all fabulous. They are loaded with great information and beautiful pictures.

Fun facts:

-Jellyfish are found in all seas throughout the World.

-There are 1000-1500 known types of jellyfish.

-Jellyfish are carnivorous and eat fish, shrimp and other small animals. First they paralyze their prey with their tentacles and then they transferred them to their mouth.

-Jellyfish are 99% jelly or water and less than 5% organic matter.

-Jellyfish can be very venomous and deadly.

-Their special umbrella design allows the jellyfish to move through the water by the opening and closing motion of the umbrella.

-Jellyfish range from 1 1/2 in to 6 feet across with tentacles reaching up to 200 ft.

Want FREE resources? Remember to visit the Wildlife Wednesday Group Page to access them along with lots of other great information, freebies, giveaways and more.

Kathy @ Kathys Cluttered Mind

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