Read through a few sections of Psalm 119. What is it all about?

It is about the psalmist's love for the Word of God. Nearly every single verse speaks of God's Revelation in the Scriptures under one of many different terms (Statutes, Precepts, Law, Testimonies, etc.)

It would be a good exercise to make a list of all these.

Then there are many declarations of the psalmist's attitudes toward the Word of God, his commitments to it, his desires and longings for it. And then too there are frequent prayers that God will bring about transformation and growth through that holy Word.

I would invite everyone here to WRITE YOUR OWN little psalm of just 8 verses and post it here as a comment. What is the Word of God to you now? And what would you like it to become for your life by the power of the Holy Spirit?

Take time first to reflect on a few sections of the Psalm, then reflect on your own attitudes toward the word of God in the past, meditating on how you think the Holy Spirit wants to transform you. Where are you now? And where does God want you to be?

We did this in Asia as I was training a group of young leaders. The translator shared with me what they had written as we prayed together that God would open His Word to them during a week of study on Principles of Biblical Interpretation.

I will start it off with the little part that I wrote then. I hope others will add to this prayer.

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Comment by Jim Brenneman on December 23, 2015 at 3:49pm

Oh Lord, I love Your Word, and I seek to know what it means.
Sometimes I neglect Your message of Love and live my day by myself.
I teach the Word to others, but at times it feels like just words & not YOU.
I meditate in Your Word daily, looking for You and finding You. So awesome!

Pour out Yourself to me through Your Word of Grace
Let me see YOU as You uncover Yourself to me.
Let me reveal YOU to others by my life and by my teaching.
Let Your Word of Truth transform me and bring You Glory, O Living LORD.

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