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Light and Infinite Energy, and From the Beginning to the End

If it would take an infinite amount of energy to reach the speed of light (Time-Travel Lisle, Dec 2015), then wouldn't it also take an infi…

Started by Dan

1 on Friday
Reply by Robert Byers

There is no mention of women in heaven in the bible?

Skeptic posted this question on a website the other day, and I wanted to know how would you guys respond to this.

Started by Juan Prince

9 Jul 14
Reply by Robert Byers

Requests for Baraminology Quest Youtube Channel

I am going to be launching the Baraminology Quest channel on youtube soon. What questions would you like me to cover in the early episodes?

Started by Todd Elder

3 Jun 12
Reply by Robert Byers

Was there rainbows beforee the flood? NO!

Was there rainbows before the biblical flood? NO! God said the bow in the sky was a contract and so its impossible that it existed before t…

Started by Robert Byers

0 Jun 11

ICR and womens place relative to men.

ICR, Acts/facts,June, had a article by DR Jerry Bergman.on male/female differences as supported by scripture and science. It was important…

Started by Robert Byers

0 Jun 5

The Light Thing Again

So I had yet another thought about light. Without rereading my previous questions and the answers given in them, I remember asking about wh…

Started by Dan

5 May 22
Reply by Robert Byers

What is the difference between the Greek words paraptōma and hamartia?

I am trying to get a full understanding of the Greek words paraptōma and hamartia. I know that the two words appear together in Ephesians…

Started by Douglas Collins

0 May 19

ICR and TIME and just spare a little here please.

ICR/Acts?facts did a interesting and welcome article on the concept of tIME by Brian Thomas. Time is a subject rejecters of the bible bring…

Started by Robert Byers

0 May 2

ICR and convergence and lets expand the equation.

ICR, Acts/Facts had a must read, must reflect, article by Dr. Randy Guiiuzza (May). In it he makes a great case for how like traits across…

Started by Robert Byers

0 May 2

ICR does excellent piece on biological features that show similarity.

Acts/Facts (ICR April) did a excellent article by Dr. Randy Guiiuzza on features in biology that creatures share. its stresses how evolutio…

Started by Robert Byers

0 Apr 15


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